Halloween at Rockies Dance Hall in College Station

We recently created a new photobooth for parties, events and weddings.  It has been great and the lab-quality prints are amazing. We operated our new photo-booth at Rockies Dance Hall in College Station, Texas this last week for the big Halloween party.
Rockies is always lot of fun and party goers had even more fun with the quality, instant pics posing with friends and showing off costumes,  A great way to remember the party.
Below is a gallery of just some of the images from the Halloween night at Rockies. If you want to consider having a photobooth at your next event, please give me a call.  I would be pleased to discuss it with you and share the affordable specifics tailored for your needs.


  • KD6A1807

  • KD6A1814

  • KD6A1818

  • KD6A1826

  • KD6A1827

  • KD6A1837

  • KD6A1839

  • KD6A1841

  • KD6A1848

  • KD6A1856

  • KD6A1859

  • KD6A1868

  • KD6A1870

  • KD6A1876

  • KD6A1887

  • KD6A1893

  • KD6A1898

  • KD6A1904

  • KD6A1911

  • KD6A1914

  • KD6A1916

  • KD6A1919

  • KD6A1921

  • KD6A1931

  • KD6A1937

  • KD6A1942

  • KD6A1948

  • KD6A1950

  • KD6A1965

  • KD6A1968

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